Clarification: Moo Business Cards

Update: We’ve just been told by our contact at that there are no Moo watermarks on these card orders! That means you’re getting 100 watermark-free mini cards from Moo, and you’re only paying $4.00 for shipping. Quite a deal!

As mentioned previously, we’ve partnered with Moo to offer free mini business cards to all WordCamp Toronto 2012 attendees. What we haven’t mentioned is that there is a $4.00 shipping fee for the cards.

This was an oversight on our part, not Moo’s. We were told by Moo in advance that shipping costs would be reduced, but we didn’t look into the specific amount.

From now on, all reminders will make note of the shipping fee, so nobody feels tricked when they go through the ordering process.

To get your own mini-cards cards, go to and choose “WordCamp Toronto 2012” as the direct shipping location for your order. Check the box to confirm your attendance.

Cards will be available for pick-up at the registration desk on Sept. 29th.

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Andy is a front-end dev and community guy (GoDaddy, Toronto's WordPress meetups, and WordCamp). Find him on Twitter and his personal blog.
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11 Responses to Clarification: Moo Business Cards

  1. Felice says:

    I think you need to give us a promo code because when I go to order these cards it says the total is
    $19.99 + $4 shipping. The cards are supposed to be free and we only pay the shipping. Please respond

    • Andy says:

      Hi Felice,

      We don’t have a promo code to give away. Make sure you use the URL above, set WordCamp Toronto as the shipping location, and use the default shipping method.

      From the testing we ran, anything that deviates from the offer (e.g. changing the number of cards, shipping method, or shipping location) will cause the price to increase.

      • Felice says:

        Thanks for your quick reply, I did use the URL you provided, I set WordCamp as the shipping location, I picked 100 cards and still the price says $19.99 + $4 shipping, any suggestions?

  2. TantienHime says:

    I’m actually working with Moo right now to place an order. Can’t complete it. As the “Shipping address”, you must use the school’s address apparently. Will report back once I’ve actually been able to complete it. I’ve had to recreate the cards 4 times now. Can’t use paypal, and had to use my Visa card, etc.

  3. T says:

    I can’t check out either. There must be something wrong with how the site handles the promo. I’ve ordered successfully from Moo before and never had any of this frustration. That’s nice of them to offer such a promo but this isn’t a good first impression to those who’ve never worked with Moo before. It crashes at the last step for me. I’ve tried it several times but now it’s gotten to the point that it crashes when I select the province (ON, obviously). This isn’t the users’ fault.

    • T says:

      For all those having trouble, do this!

      I was able to get in contact with a Moo representative who said their system is experiencing problems with the “pick-up at event” option. She suggested to select standard shipping and then to contact them to ask them to change the shipping information and get the promotional shipping price. Email is support at moo.

      I didn’t get the confirmation that this has been done yet but she said to send her the order number once I did it and she’d make the adjustments.

      Good luck and see you at WordCamp!