Featured Speaker: Jordan Quintal

Jordan Quintal is a seasoned web developer with 15 years of experience. His ever-growing web development company thegenius.ca specializes in WordPress-based websites, plugins, and a variety online/offline services. Jordan handles business management, project management, and some development work when needed.

Workshop: Simple Theme Customization

Our workshop will cover topics regarding Simple Theme Customization. The workshop is broken down into 4 sections. First, we will show you quick and easy ways to install a WordPress theme. Next, we will teach you how to setup Home Page widgets and how to widgetize any area. Moving forward, we will demonstrate how to make basic CSS updates using Google Chrome as a helpful development tool. Lastly, we will explain what Page Templates are, how to use them, and how to customize them.

What do you want folks to learn from your workshop?

I want to be able to provide the audience with easy to learn tips on how to customize very basic WordPress themes. I would like everyone who attends to feel confident about using what I taught them afterwards in personal or professional scenarios.

What attracted you to WordPress in the first place?

I have been using WordPress since 2007, when it was a simple blogging tool. I found it was extremely flexible and powerful as well as easy to use – a developers dream!

I enjoy WordPress because it has very few limitations and has an extensive theme and plugin library/archive community. Support and idea sharing within the WordPress community is like no other. I am truly excited to see what the future holds.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

WordCamp 2012 will be my 4th WordCamp overall.

Every WordCamp I have attended has been informative, well organized, and supplied the perfect opportunity to network and collaborate with other WordPress lovers. This year will be my first time speaking, so that has to be on top of the list as to what I’m looking forward to.

Other than that, if WordCamp holds up to previous years I know I will have a blast!

Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Toronto?

After attending a few WordCamps I felt that I had the communication skills, experience, and knowledge to provide an effective presentation.

I truly enjoy being part of the WordPress community, I really just felt that it was time to give back to the community that helped me get to where I am today.

What is your favourite theme or plugin, and why?

I have many favourite WordPress themes and plugins.

Personally, I found that the most efficient and easy to use WordPress plugin is WP-CRM – it makes customizing the WordPress Admin area for clients super easy. It has saved me hours of work – that’s for sure.

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