Featured Speaker: Mo Jangda

Mo Jangda wrangles code and VIPs at WordPress.com. I enjoy ice cream and other sugary things. Visit him online at digitalize.ca


Presentation: Giving Back: How to play your part in the WordPress community

How to get involved in the WordPress community regardless of whether you’re a user, developer, freelancer, or business and the rewards and risks that come with it.

What do you want people to learn from your talk?

That everyone can contribute to the WordPress ecosystem in their own way.

What attracts you to WordPress?

It’s simple, powerful, and beautiful.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

Meeting cool people.

Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Toronto?

To share what I know and learn from others.

What is your favourite WordPress plugin or theme, and why?

The Developer plugin (and not just because my team wrote it). It’s the best way to optimize your development environment.

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Andy is a front-end dev and community guy (GoDaddy, Toronto's WordPress meetups, and WordCamp). Find him on Twitter and his personal blog.
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