First wave of speakers and sessions are in!

Microphone headWe’ve just added our first batch of confirmed speakers and sessions to the site!

This update includes the vast majority of presenters for September, but we’re still waiting on some final confirmations to finish things off.

A roundup of what’s been added today:

We’ve taken down the Be A Speaker and Session Suggestions pages. Thanks to everyone that sent in their presentation suggestions, and an extra big thank you to everyone that applied to speak!

Applied to speak, but haven’t heard from us?

If you sent in a speaker application but didn’t hear back from us, it was likely due to a clash of content with other submissions.

We had a good number of people wanting to talk about the same topics (specifically mobile, social media, multi-lingual sites, and backups), so we had to make some tough calls about who to accept and who to pass up on.

We’ll be looking for DevCamp speakers in a week or so, though, so you may have another chance to get in. 🙂 We’re also always on the lookout for folks to present at the Toronto WordPress Group meetups!

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Andy is a front-end dev and community guy (GoDaddy, Toronto's WordPress meetups, and WordCamp). Find him on Twitter and his personal blog.
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